Omega A - Release Notes -------------------- v1.0.8 - MAC ONLY Aug 13, 2020 - Updated Omega A to function properly in MacOS Catalina and Logic Pro X v10.5 -------------------- v1.0.6 Jun 20, 2018 - Input/Output control updated for better usability. - Added Oversampling On/Off toggle, which also toggles OS for all other instances in the session as well. - minor bugfixes -------------------- v1.0.4 Jun 2, 2016 - Fixed an issue which caused occasional crashes on some systems when closing the GUI - Output automation parameter now shows up in all major DAWs - LEDs no longer blink when playback is stopped - minor bugfixes -------------------- v1.0.1 Apr 25, 2016 - Added Output Gain control - Fixed various and sundry bugs related to occasional dropouts, clicks, and pops that showed up on some systems. -------------------- v1.0.0 Apr 11, 2016 - Omega A is released to the world!