AWIPS Program Update & Strategy (128)

Ronla Henry, National Weather Service, Silver Spring, MD

Steve Schotz, National Weather Service

Edward Mandel, National Weather Service

Wendy Sellers, National Weather Service

Scott Jacobs, National Weather Service



The Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System (AWIPS) is the key visualization and forecast system utilized by National Weather Service (NWS) forecasters to support the agency mission of saving lives and property. AWIPS continues to evolve to accommodate the diverse needs of forecasters and incorporate innovative advancements via several key projects that improve performance and extend capabilities of the system. In an effort to increase communication between the AWIPS Program Office and users internal and external to the NWS, this presentation will provide an update on the current status of AWIPS. The presentation will also highlight projects that will improve AWIPS users' experiences, such as upgrades to the AWIPS infrastructure and operating system, including the implementation of the Red Hat 7 operating system improvements to the AWIPS architecture that allow access and display of increasing volumes of hydrometeorological data enhancements to support a distributed and collaborative AWIPS development environment incorporation of new products and services that support ongoing NWS mission initiatives, including Hazard Simplification and Hazard Services and migration of NWS National Centers AWIPS (NAWIPS) to AWIPS.Attendees will have a better understanding of the current state of this critical hardware and software system, as well as a clear idea of how AWIPS will adapt to increasing data demands, new technological advancements, and expanding decision support service requirements.