An Examination of Weather Anxiety in Autistic and Non-autistic Individuals (187)

Matthew Bolton, School of Arts and Sciences, Saint Leo University, Saint Leo, FL

William Blumberg, School of Meteorology, University of Oklahoma

Lara Ault, School of Arts and Sciences, Saint Leo University

H. Michael Mogil, How The Weatherworks

Stacie Haines, National Weather Service, Gray/Portland WFO



Recent outreach work and research at the intersection of psychology and meteorology has focused on vulnerable populations, including those with neurological conditions such as autism. It was recently found that people on the autism spectrum appear to exhibit enhanced weather salience - psychological attention to weather - relative to non-autistic individuals. Given this, and evidence for increased anxiety in people on the spectrum, we were curious to investigate the manifestation of weather-specific anxiety in autism. We will present our results and discuss implications for weather communication to autistic individuals.