Analysis and Warning Decision Making Associated with a Weak Short-Lived QLCS Tornado (41)

Fred Glass, NOAA/NWS, St. Charles, MO

James Sieveking, NOAA/NWS

Alexander Elmore, Saint Louis University



During the early morning hours of 22 January 2018, a weak EF0 tornado caused minor tree damage near a cornfield, and was on the ground for less than one minute in eastern Franklin County, Missouri. Interestingly enough, a corresponding reduction in correlation coefficient and apparent tornado debris signature (TDS) was observed by the KLSX WSR-88D Radar for 15 consecutive minutes after the touchdown. The location of the TDS in respect to the St. Louis Metropolitan Area, an unfavorable near storm environment, and a non-traditional location of the weak mesovortex contributed to a challenging warning decision for National Weather Service (NWS) meteorologists. A brief review of the radar and near storm environment data will be presented, along with challenges and implications of the NWS warning decision.