Arizona Heat - Collaboratively Tackling America's Deadliest Weather Phenomenon (155)

Paul Iniguez, NOAA/National Weather Service, Phoenix, AZ

David Hondula, Arizona State University

Matthew Roach, Arizona Department of Health Services



Heat is the deadliest weather phenomenon across the United States, killing approximately 700 people each year according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. In Arizona alone, numbers compiled by the Arizona Department of Health Services show an average of 154 heat caused/related deaths per year. Health statistics indicate for every one heat caused/related fatality, approximately ten additional people are hospitalized or visit an emergency room due to heat illness. No other weather phenomenon consistently impacts a local population as heat does in Arizona.

Entities at all level of government, in academia, in the private sector, and nonprofits have come to realize the high toll extracted from our communities by Arizona's notorious heat. Extensive work over the past ten years as been met with mixed results, as the number of deaths and injuries appear to continually increase. This presentation will discuss some of the specific dangers of Arizona's heat and how various entities are working to mitigate the impacts, including enhancing their collaboration over the past two years.