Case Study of a Tornado Event in Indiana and Ohio on 19 April 2011 (319)

Sam Ritter, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO

Patrick Market, University of Missouri



This study will examine a series of weak tornadoes that occurred in what appears to be an elevated convective environment in Indiana and Ohio on 19 April 2011. This work is completely diagnostic in nature. Observational data are being used to fix the position of the frontal zone that supported the development of tornadic thunderstorms. Radar data help to refine the nature of each thunderstorm cell, and its location with respect to the frontal zone. High resolution (space and time) output from the Rapid Refresh (RAP) model will allow us to conduct dynamic analyses that will reveal 1) the origins of these severe thunderstorms with regard to the frontal placement, and 2) how the atmosphere was lifted to the point of instability release.