EditTWLSite - A Graphical Total Water Level Forecasting Tool (193)

Michael Dutter, NOAA/NWS Wakefield, VA, Wakefield, VA



EditTWLSite - A Graphical Total Water Level Forecasting ToolMichael DutterNOAA/NWS Wakefield, VACoastal National Weather Service (NWS) Offices in Eastern Region (ER) are currently providing Total Water Level (TWL) forecasts for numerous tide gage sites from Maine to South Carolina. These site specific forecasts are created by querying the gridded forecast database within the NWS's Graphical Forecast Editor (GFE). These gridded forecasts are developed by local NWS forecasters on a 2.5km grid with hourly temporal resolution, using the astronomical tide in combination with the forecast storm surge guidance from various sources, such as the Extratropical Storm Surge Model (ETSS) and the Extratropical Surge and Tide Operational Forecast System(ESTOFS). This spatial and temporal quality is good for developing new products for inundation or dune erosion/overwash however, the resolution is still not high enough to provide detailed information for individual tide gage sites. Water levels (observed and forecast) at these specific sites are used by emergency management, law enforcement and community leaders to better understand direct impacts for their region of interest. Since these specific tide gage sites are critical in understanding storm tide impacts for a local region, it is important that forecasters can easily visualize observations and forecasts for each of these locations. To assist in this effort, a graphical forecast interface has been developed, allowing forecasters to easily monitor and interrogate observed and forecast water level data with ease. This interactive forecast GUI, named EditTWLSite, is a python based program embedded within GFE, giving forecasters a much better situational awareness of individual tide site observations and forecasts. This interface also allows for editing of the forecast water levels, which helps forecasters provide more accurate forecasts for individual tide stations as opposed to only using the data from the 2.5km grid.This presentation will talk about the overall Total Water Level forecast process from a NWS forecast office perspective, and will focus on how the EditTWLSite GUI is leveraged in operations. The presentation will also discuss planned future improvements in the EditTWLSite program as well as the Total Water Level program in general throughout the NWS ER.