Educating from the Sun to the Ocean Floor - All about the NOAA Education Council (277)

Faith Borden, National Weather Service Forecast Office, Nashville, TN

Mary Fairbanks, National Weather Service Headquarters

Kerry Jones, National Weather Service Forecast Office



The National Weather Service is an active participant in the NOAA Education Council and NOAA education community. This community was formed in 2003 out of a growing need for a formal, internal forum for discussing ideas and proposals for NOAA-wide education and outreach priorities and to make recommendations to NOAA management on all aspects of NOAA's educational activities. Each year, the NOAA education community helps to connect and inspire millions of people with NOAA's mission. The NOAA Education Council is comprised of representatives from NOAA's eight line offices and major education programs across the agency. The NWS has been an active participant in this group since its inception. Employees from NWS Headquarters and field-level Weather Forecast Offices (e.g. Warning Coordination Meteorologists) provide a wide representation across the NWS. Our members connect customers with resources such as NOAA-related sciences, places, products, and services unique to NOAA's mission. The goal of this group is to increase capacity for NOAA educators, and to monitor progress under the framework of the NOAA Education Strategic Plan. Some of the current NWS projects the council supports are expanding our future workforce by working with students, promoting the education-related outreach efforts occurring in the field, and exploring creative ways to engage educators. For example, the council has recently embarked on a new project to create one-stop resources for educators during high impact events such as tornadoes. The goal is for educational communities that may be impacted by upcoming hazardous weather, or educators wanting a unique and effective ways to enhance classroom instruction to teach in near real-time and to serve as a resource for in-depth information. This resource will include a Q&ampA session with experts in the field, data sources, lessons and information useful for educators. This presentation will introduce you to the NOAA Education Council, its vision, mission, and goals, and demonstrate an interactive session that is utilized during a high impact event.