NOAA's Joint Polar Satellite System's Proving Ground and Risk Reduction Program ‚Äď How JPSS Program Initiatives Partnerships Ensure the Success of Operational Applications of JPSS Science and Capabilities!
Bill Sjoberg, NOAA JPSS Program, Greenbelt,MD



This presentation will focus on the continuity of the NOAA Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS) Programís Proving Ground and Risk Reduction (PGRR) and key activities of the PGRR Initiatives.The presenter will provide details of the Initiatives and how its government, academic, and research partners work together to maintain the proven successful operational applications of JPSS products and capabilities.The impact of the new data from JPSS-1 will be discussed.Information will be shared about specific weather events and how JPSS Capabilities were being used to assist forecasters in response to these events.The benefits derived from these capabilities will be communicated and the processes of communicating these benefits will be highlighted.Details of the new 2017 PGRR Call-for-Proposals and information on the projects that were selected and how they will be assimilated into current PGRR activities will be discussed.