IDSS Template Creation Made Easy (0)

Sean Miller, National Weather Service, Milwaukee/Sullivan, Milwaukee, WI

Jerry Wiedenfeld, National Weather Service, Milwaukee/Sullivan



As NWS culture evolves to support IDSS, there is a need to quickly construct briefings which deliver a consistent and collaborated forecast message to our partners. A method was developed at the Milwaukee Forecast Office to simplify this process, allowing forecasters to easily construct and deliver these briefings while providing a baseline consistency to our IDSS services. DssTemplateBuilder is a Graphical Forecast Editor (GFE) and PowerPoint program designed to generate images that are automatically populated into standardized PowerPoint templates used for IDSS briefings. It expedites the graphics generation process for slide decks and webinars, and is useful when providing service backup and on-site IDSS. It's now easier than ever to deliver a consistent and collaborated message to NWS core partners in a matter of minutes.