Implementation of the Central Region Weather Ready Nation Roadmap (31)

James Sieveking, National Weather Service Forecast Office St. Louis, Missouri, St. Louis, Missouri

Andy Foster, National Weather Service Forecast Office Springfield, Missouri



The National Weather Service (NWS) has embarked on a journey to evolve its science and services to better meet the needs of a Weather-Ready Nation. The Central Region of the NWS has helped lead this effort, developing new concepts for evolving the forecast process, iteratively improving upon Impact-Based Decision Support Services (IDSS), and strengthening science infusion into daily operations at each Weather Forecast Office (WFO), River Forecast Center (RFC), and the Central Region Operations Center (CR-ROC).

Central Region (NWS-CR) created the NWS CR Weather Ready Nation Roadmap to effectively synchronize workforce, forecast, and services evolution efforts and align them with the NWSEvolve initiative. The implementation is expected to take two years and includes no less than forty initiatives organized and planned within a collaborative effort among a number of NWS-CR teams and division programs. The NWS-CR Roadmap emphasizes a collective &ldquoWhole Office&rdquo effort to leverage the skill and experience of all employees to achieve this evolution in the forecast process, the execution of operations, and the delivery of interpretive services.

An overview of the NWS CR Weather Ready Nation Roadmap and its implementation will be presented, along with the challenges and rewards associated with implementing an aggressive change initiative.