Leveraging Military Expertise in National Weather Service Decision Support Operations (293)

Kari Bowen, NWS, Boulder, CO



The National Weather Service (NWS) is on the path to building a more robust Weather-Ready Nation as well as starting a new framework for Impact-Based Decision Support Services (IDSS). Many avenues are being explored to meet the demand for increased IDSS. A major step in this direction is leveraging the knowledge of other groups or entities that have experience in these practices. At this time there are 79 active duty Air Force bases and 59 Navy bases in the United States. In addition, 28 states have their own National Guard units that employ trained Staff Weather Officers to supplement local Guard units. These military weather personnel evaluate the weather picture, collaborate and disseminate the information much like the NWS does in an EOC. In order to grow the strength of the local WFO in a fast-paced IDSS environment we as an agency need to: (1) Build relationships with local Guard weather personnel through familiarization tours (2) leverage the use of various communication avenues when in an EOC environment, such as NWS Chat or Adobe Connect and (3) through the NWS and FEMA training, become familiar with military disaster operations. Much like Broadcast Meteorologists are a critical component to a Weather-Ready Nation as a valuable communication tool, military meteorologists will aide in completing the weather message in high impact weather events. The focus of this poster is on NWS IDSS and state weather military operations, as well as efforts to increase communication and collaboration with these to government entities.