NWS At the Table and On the Ground: Impact-Based Decision Support Services in Support of Emergency Management Operations (348)

Katie Edwards, National Weather Service, Silver Spring, MD



2017 saw unprecedented natural emergencies across America, which highlighted how we have become an increasingly weather-sensitive nation. Understanding and aligning services provided by the National Weather Service and emergency management communities, in partnership with the whole weather enterprise, serves a central role in meeting the growing education, preparation, response and resilience needs of vulnerable communities. The National Weather Service's (NWS) goal to &ldquoBuild a Weather-Ready Nation&rdquo involves providing &ldquoImpact-based Decision Support Services", or IDSS As NWS works to evolve its services, we are focused on the needs of our core partners and are working toward defining a minimum level service standards with those core partners. We have trained many NWS employees to be Deployment-Ready, and learned some best practices during deployments to various 2017 incidents. NWS continues to seek to improve its IDSS support to the emergency management community and is looking for opportunities, such as participating in local, regional or national planning exercises and drills, in a continued effort to ensure NWS delivers consistent and effective services.Objectives: 1. To describe the NWS' goal of achieving a Weather-Ready Nation through Impact-Based Decision Support Services (IDSS).2. To define NWS' IDSS vision, define our core partners and service levels.3. To review a table top exercise experience, designed for a State Emergency Management exercise by NWS4. To summarize a few best practices and lessons learned from 2017 that NWS employees experienced on deployments.