NWS Products and Services as Criteria for EOC Activation (260)

Trenton Pittman, Johnson County Emergency Management and Communications, Olathe, KS

Jennifer Laflin, NOAA National Weather Service



Over the last several years,Johnson CountyEmergency Managementhas continually refinedtheirEmergency Operations Center (EOC)and spotteractivation criteria based, primarily, on National Weather Service (NWS) productsand services. The products that cancurrentlydictateEOCand spotteractivationsfor severe convective weatherarethresholds inStorm Prediction CenterConvective Outlooks, andconvective watches and warningsboth within Johnson County (Kansas) and its neighboring counties.This presentation will examineall severeconvectiveweather-related EOC activations from 2015-2017, thetriggering criteria, andanycorresponding severe weather reportsandwarningsoccurring during those activations. Examples of successful EOCand spotteractivations will bediscussed, as willservices provided by the local NWSofficethatcan aid in the decision-making process and supplement the fixed activation criteria.