National Weather Service Support for Decision Making on Subseasonal to Seasonal Timescales (206)

Viviane Silva, NOAA NWS Climate Services Branch, Silver Spring, MD

Fiona Horsfall, NOAA NWS Climate Services Branch

Jenna Meyers, NOAA NWS Climate Services Branch

James Zdrojewski, NOAA NWS Climate Services Branch

Marina Timofeyeva, NOAA NWS Climate Services Branch



National Weather Service (NWS) provides decision support services on subseasonal to seasonaltimescales at more than 150 offices nationwide, from national centers to regional and localoffices. These services inform decision making by the public and other users by providinginformation on expected conditions such that they can better understand and manage their risksand take advantage of the benefits of changes in their local average weather conditions. NWSprovides information in the form of historical data and analysis, current state of the atmosphereand ocean system, and precipitation and temperature outlooks out to one year. This includesinformation on current drought conditions, a drought outlook, expert discussions and assessmentof the state of El Ni&ntildeo Southern Oscillation (ENSO), downscaled local temperature outlooks, andtools that provide information on the impacts of subseasonal and seasonal weather at regionaland local levels using historical data.

To meet the needs of those with the responsibility for decisions on subseasonal to seasonaltimescales, NWS collaborates with National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)relevant research programs to identify high priority needs for research, development, andtransition to improve skill and usability of products and services. NWS developers andforecasters integrate the science advances to evolve the operational product suite to meet userneeds.

This paper will describe the suite of NWS subseasonal to seasonal products and services andtheir use in the decision-making context. We will also describe user engagement andpartnerships to facilitate determination of needs and the internal processes for ensuring scientificadvances are incorporated into mission delivery.