Recent NWS Satellite Training Activities and Developments (302)

Brian Motta, NOAA/NWS, Boulder, Colorado



The NWS Office of the Chief Learning Officer has led the development of several activities for satellite user readiness for GOES-R, GOES-S, JPSS-1, JPSS-2 and other satellites for use in operational forecast and warning processes. Among the activities described in this paper will be the Satellite Training Advisory Teams (STATs) for GOES and JPSS, The GOES-R (Series) Foundational Course, The JPSS Foundational Course, The Forecast Decision Training Division GOES-16 Applications Webinar Series, and other reference and real-time user readiness support resources.

The GOES-R Series Foundational Course was developed to provide the basics needed for operational forecasters to be ready for "Day 1" usage of GOES-16 and GOES-17. Topics covered include an overview of the GOES series of satellites, new capabilities, proxy and actual examples of imagery and products as demonstrated in proving grounds and NOAA Testbeds.

The JPSS Foundational Course was developed to provide a national baseline for imagery and products for operational forecasters. It includes JPSS-specific remote sensing capabilities and NOAA-unique JPSS capabilities such as NUCAPS Profiles and Near Constant Contrast imagery.

Forums for continuous learning and peer-to-peer sharing include the GOES-16 Applications Webinar Series, the Satellite Help Desk, and the Satellite Training Operations Resources (STOR) collection.