Refining Operational Understanding of Tornadic Environments at NWS WFO Milwaukee, WI (89)

Ben Herzog, National Weather Service, Milwaukee/Sullivan, Milwaukee, WI

John Gagan, National Weather Service, Milwaukee/Sullivan

Cory Rothstein, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee



A detailed understanding of the near storm environment is a key underpinning to successful tornado warning operations. In an effort to improve local tornado warning performance at NWS WFO Milwaukee-Sullivan (MKX), environmental data from SPC's mesoanalysis was collected for every tornado and tornado warning within WFO Milwaukee's county warning area during the storm-based warning era (2008 to 2016). Ensuing analysis revealed several parameters useful in discriminating between tornadic and non-tornadic storms. The overall goal of this project has been to bridge the wealth of available tornado research and literature with past tornado events and warning performance.These critical findings will be used to train the MKX staff prior to the upcoming convective season in order to bolster mesoanalyst situational awareness and warning forecaster confidence in discriminating tornado potential ahead of and during warning operations.