Remote OBservation-Equipment System - Solutions for a Weather Ready Nation (225)

Pilar Trevino, National Weather Service, Paducah, Kentucky



The loss of COOP sites is a continuing problem across the country, plus COOP data generally is only available once a day. The ROB-E system looks to bring the COOP data directly into NWS offices and on a more continual basis.

The ROB-E System provides a network connection through available WIFI to the existing COOP sensors, which allows for the data to be brought into the NWS Forecast Offices via AWIPS.

Benefits are twofold. By creating a network of certified observation stations, ROB-E fulfills the need for certified data points, which is necessary to improve NWS high-resolution models, and also addresses the continual loss of COOP Observers. Initial cost is minimal, less than $1000 per site, with a recurring cost of around $30 a month.

Additional quality real time data from certified observing stations in the field will make a positive impact on services and ensuring a Weather Ready Nation.