Roads don't go there, but The Alaska Weather TV Show does: 40 Years of service to the Nation's most at-risk communities (94)

David Snider, National Weather Service Anchorage Forecast Office, Anchorage, AK



Alaska Weather: Continuing 40 Years of Television Communication to Rural Alaska

David Snider

Alaskans living and working in the Bush (communities off of the limited road system) require weather and safety updates, but can't easily receive news and weather information like other Americans. Media coverage out of the largest Alaska cities doesn't cover the decision-making needs of aviation and marine communities, which are the only modes of transportation in outlying locations.

To fulfill the mission to protect life and property, the National Weather Service Alaska Weather TV Desk produces a daily 30-minute weather show and delivers the content through a unique broadcast system in Alaska. After more than 40 years of partnership and service, technology is changing to make delivery easier to more isolated locations and users, while continuing to deliver the fundamental service Alaska Weather was founded upon.

The Alaska Weather TV Desk is driving social media messaging and creating the delivery foundation for Weather-Ready Nation Decision Support Services for unique Alaskan users and partners not otherwise served by traditional television and electronic communication.