Situational Awareness Forecast Advisor Tool (185)

David Hotz, National Weather Service, Morristown, TN

Andrew Moulton, National Weather Service

Jerry Buckles, National Weather Service

Eric Holweg, National Weather Service

Douglas Schneider, National Weather Service



Situational Awareness Forecast Advisor ToolDavid Hotz, NOAA/NWS Morristown TNAndrew Moulton, NOAA/NWS Morristown TNJeremy Buckles, NOAA/NWS Morristown TNEric Holweg, NOAA/NWS Morristown TNDoug Schneider, NOAA/NWS Morristown TNThe purpose of the Situational Awareness (SA) Forecast Advisor tool is to provide WFOs with an intuitive and quick way to determine targets of opportunity. Enhances forecaster's situational awareness of potential weather hazards during the upcoming forecast cycle, and to identify periods that require increase forecast effort and IDSS resources.The SA Forecast Advisor utilizes AWIPS Data Access Framework to grab weather parameters from model data, and then determines the potential weather hazards for each forecast period. The hazards diagnosed are heavy rain, tornadoes, hail, convective high winds, locally produced mountain wave high winds, snow, snow squalls, locally produced orographic snow, fire weather red flag, and temperature extremes.The software uses color codes to highlight forecast periods that meet or exceed specified forecast thresholds. Hazard icons will be displayed based on the type(s) of weather expected. Forecasters have the ability to click on each forecast period to gain additional model information about the weather hazard. This presentation will display the functionality and purpose of the SA Forecast Advisor.