Social Biases and the Importance of Intellectual Diversity in the Weather Enterprise (169)

Matthew Bolton, School of Arts and Sciences, Saint Leo University, Saint Leo, FL



The theme for this year's Annual Meeting - &ldquoDiversity in People, Models, and Methods&rdquo - reflects both the quantity and quality of growth that has occurred within the National Weather Association over the last decade. I am pleased to be part of this wave of change as a member of the Professional Development and Diversity Committees. However, within my capacities on those Committees, and in other areas, I have observed a tendency for professionals in the NWA, and in the wider weather enterprise, to display negative undertones in the context of social interactions with individuals who have various disabilities and other individual differences. Hence, this presentation will focus on the recognition of subtle biases that may arise in meteorology-focused social settings (e.g., conferences, the workplace), with a discussion on the importance of accepting into the weather enterprise a wide array of individuals who may bring to the field not only a diverse range of abilities but also fresh perspectives and ideas.