The Final Undocumented Tornado of the 3 April 1974, Super Tornado Outbreak: F2 Tornado in Williamson & Davidson counties, TN (72)

Timothy W. Troutman, National Weather Service, Weather Forecast Office, Riverton, Wyoming

Mark A. Rose, National Weather Service, Weather Forecast Office

William Overby, NASA, Marshall Space Flight Center



The Super Tornado Outbreak of 3 April 1974 resulted in 148 documented tornadoes in 13 states, within a broad area extending north from Alabama to Michigan. Upon examining historical tornado footage, the authors have found that a strong, undocumented F2 tornado occurred during the mid-afternoon of 3 April 1974 in Williamson and Davidson counties, TN. Recorded video, storm damage photos, and event description documents indicate that a tornado first touched down in northeast Williamson County and moved into southern Davidson County before dissipating. An analysis of the event, including WSR-57 radar imagery and NASA satellite imagery, verifies the occurrence of the tornado and its track. A hook echo can also be identified in the radar imagery. Eyewitness reports further corroborate and detail the well-defined track of the analyzed F2 tornado. Based on the event analysis, this tornado will be added to the 3 April 1974 historical event documentation and NOAA Storm Data.