“The Global Weather and Climate Center: Revolutionizing Weather/Climate Science Communication with Weather Broadcasters, Students, Education, and much more…" (135)

Jordan Rabinowitz, University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri



In early 2016, the Northeast Weather Forum blog site was transformed into the Global Weather &amp Climate Center (GWCC) web site (www.globalweatherclimatecenter.com). The intent of the site didn't change, but the name change was designed to better showcase the site's intent.Since its birth back in January 2016, a rapidly growing international family of GWCC weather correspondents, weather broadcaster collaborators, and corporate partnerships have helped propel the GWCC website to maintain the goal of consistently providing educationally-focused, globally-based, content (i.e., content curtailed for people like teachers, their students,and the general public). Site content includes (but is certainly not limited to) written and striking visual content from numerous sources including those of the weather broadcast community.

It is important to make clear that the GWCC site, being educationally-keyed, is not trying to replicate the myriad of weather web sites currently spread across the web. There are more than enough of which cover &ldquoweather as it happens.&rdquo Our focus is to &ldquomake sense&rdquo of what is happening or has happened by providing explanations of weather and physical processes and highlighting the applications of that explanation to real life (including preparedness). Where appropriate, we'll cover storm-based events, but with a greater focus on the science and safety portions of the event.

While using the U.S. weather database and our own weather correspondents to advantage, we will also be tapping weather resources globally for meaningful content. As a result, teachers will have access to authentic, real-time, science-based material that can easily be incorporated into classroom discussions and activities. This includes, and needs to continue to include, content from the weather broadcast community for many reasons. Our model of sharing content material is designed to enhance visibility (e.g., web and social media sites, personalities) for all contributors.

This talk will also discuss how the single-source GWCC site content could be used in classroom settings. We are always more than happy to speak with individual weather broadcasters to better guide them in using our site and their own site to enhance quality weather education for all their viewers.