Working in Partnership to Drive Global Awareness of Hazardous and Impactful Weather (255)

Matthew Alto, AccuWeather, Akron, OH

Jonathan Porter, AccuWeather

Daniel DePodwin, AccuWeather




Organizations are collecting more weather data than ever before, helping governments, communities, businesses, and personal decision makers better understand and manage the risks associated with extreme weather. One of the first Weather Ready Nation Ambassadors, AccuWeather is actively working to help make people of all nations "weather-ready" through international engagement and collaboration with National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHS) and other data providers to mitigate loss from natural disasters. AccuWeather actively partners with these organizations to disseminate critical official government weather warnings to a large global audience quickly and accurately while maintaining and strengthening the single authoritative voice for weather warnings in each country. Best practices and innovative trends related to the supply of weather warning information from NMHS will be discussed, as well as ideas about how the meteorological community can work together to further save lives globally and mitigate losses from extreme weather.